Pet Pride 2022

Our first Pet Pride on Saturday was a huge success! It is the most fun pet event to be a part of and it was our honor to support such a great group of people. The weather was perfect. We had such a great time!

We met so many nice people and their pets. We made contact with 2 other great rescues and several wonderful vendors. We received some cash donations. Thank you!

We believe everything happens for a reason and the most wonderful thing happened. We met Melisa and her mother Lori. They fell in love with Mia’s picture and Lori adopted her the very next day!!! We never imagined something like that would come out of us being at this wonderful event. Mia has the perfect forever home and we are so grateful!!!!

We can’t wait for next year! Well done, Pet Pride, well done!!!

More pics coming soon!


  1. I am a senior looking for a senior dog – either for foster or adoption. I have been without a dog of my own for 3 years but made do with fosters. I got sick in November. At that time, I had a sweet Sheltie foster dog that I planned to adopt. Ultimately, I let her go to another foster home as I didn’t know when I’d back on my feet again and I didn’t think it was fair to keep an 11-year old dog on hold. (She’s been adopted and is doing well, I’m happy to report.) I have volunteered and fostered for Indiana Sheltie Rescue for about 20 years and for Misty Eyes for about 4 years. I have also fostered cats for Misty Eyes and have one foster right now. I also have 2 cats of my own, both rescues of one sort or another. I am almost recovered and returned to driving this past week. My biggest ‘handicap’ for either adoption or fostering is that I need to keep the dog under 15-20 pounds as I had back problems and think I need to be able to carry the dog up and down my stairs if. necessary.

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