Seniors Helping Seniors


Serenity Senior Living Pet Sanctuary provides a safe haven for unwanted senior cats and dogs to live out their days humanely. Our Seniors Helping Seniors Program is designed to bring joy to senior citizens who are residents of Assisted Living, Long Term Care, Memory Care and other retirement communities. Residents who may experience loneliness, isolation or may be grieving the loss of their own pet may benefit from our Seniors Helping Seniors Program.

A senior resident may foster, adopt, or simply enjoy a scheduled visit with a senior cat or dog. Serenity is passionately committed to bringing the love between a human senior resident and a senior pet to live their “Best Life” together.
How it works:

*Foster: An independent resident of a senior community may foster a senior cat or dog. A representative of Serenity will meet with the resident and try to match them with their foster pet. A representative will check in regularly with the resident to ensure a good match has been made. Serenity will provide everything the resident needs to care for their new foster pet including: crates, collars, leashes, food and bowls, medicine, toys, routine veterinarian appointments and grooming as needed. All at no cost to the resident. Serenity will reassess the foster placement after 90 days to ensure the continued wellbeing of both the resident and pet.

*Adoption: (1) If an independent resident chooses to adopt their foster pet, Serenity will make an assessment and will waive the adoption fees. (2) Adoption of a Serenity cat or dog is possible without first fostering.

*Scheduled visits: We will bring a Serenity cat or dog to your community for a scheduled visit with residents, who you feel will benefit the most from a visit with one of our loving senior pets.

*Will your own pet and/or bequest a financial donation to Serenity: A senior resident who has their own pet and may be concerned about their pet’s welfare, when they should no longer be able to care for their pet, might consider this benefit provided by Serenity.

   If at any point in time the commitment to foster or adoption of a Serenity cat or dog becomes too difficult, the pet must be returned to Serenity.

Family members, administrative staff, corporations, and employees of any Senior Living Community who wish to make a donation, please feel free to contact us.