Featured Furry Family

Meet Heather’s bionic dog, Maybelle. She has two new knees and a reconstructed front leg.

Nettles is a sassy cat. Queen Nettles does not appreciate the Mardi Gras beads. At all.

All is forgiven. Good kids taking a nap.


  1. Saw the highlight on Channel 13. Thanks for what you do!
    My elderly dad (80, veteran) is wanting to get a small dog but needs something 10-15 pound. He is a cardiac patient and has some minor mobility issues (needs a cane to walk). They are thinking about fostering, but we aren’t sure of the financial aspects as well as availability of dogs that are low maintenance.
    Can you provide some information as to what is required of fostering a pet through your organization?

    Thanks very much for your time!

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