Sanctuary Family


Taylor came to us from SOAR Initiative.  Taylor is 15 years old and was originally surrendered to IACS due to her owner passing away.  She has had several health concerns including frequent ear infections, a full mouth dental extraction and, from her recent health scare on day two of being with Serenity, we have learned she has chronic asthma, a collapsed lower lobe of one of her lungs due to the chronic asthma and she is currently being treated for a nasty upper respiratory infection and possible pneumonia.  Taylor is very, very sweet, calm and loves to be a lap cat! 

Update 2021/12/27: Taylor is doing well and has fully recovered from her upper respiratory infection. Due to chronic asthma and allergies, she will be on a maintenance dose of prednisone for the rest of her life.

Update 2022-06-09: Taylor is amazing!  She is so sweet and tolerant of all the other cats.  Her favorite activities are eating and sleeping.  Taylor does like “lap time” with her humans but is also independent and will nap in various beds/places around her foster space.  She enjoys pets and love from her humans.  Taylor’s health is good as long as she gets her weekly maintenance dose of Prednisolone.

Update 2022-09-02: Taylor was adopted!

It’s no secret that Stephanie, our Executive Director, has had a soft spot in her heart for Taylor from day one and has called her our “million dollar baby”.

Stephanie and her husband Will lost one of their personal cats, Dot, unexpectedly a few months ago. Her loss left a huge hole in their family. Dot’s brother, Gandalf, was very sad. He wandered through their house vocalizing looking for his sister. Taylor came right in and started helping the entire family heal.

She and Gandalf play and follow each other around. Taylor gets along well with their other cats and dogs as well. Taylor is a very special cat. Stephanie and her family love her very much.


Reyna came to us from SOAR Initiative.  Reyna is 11 years old and was originally a stray taken into IACS.  This incredibly sweet girl has been diagnosed with oral cancer and her prognosis is less than 6 months.  BUT, that diagnosis was given 9-10 months ago.  She is one tuff kitty!  Reyna is the first one to meet us at the door each day, gently meowing, ready to eat and get some love and attention.  She follows Stephanie around while she’s doing cleaning and feeding. Her hobbies include begging for treats and rummaging around in the supply closet (looking for treats!).   Sarah calls her the “Queen B”.  She is a treasure!

Update 2022-06-09: Reyna does not have oral cancer!  What a wonderful bit of news we received when she had her extensive dental on 5/12/22.  She was diagnosed with Feline Stomatitis and had a full mouth extraction.  Reyna eats dry and wet food, hard treats and loves spray cheese!  If her humans open the closet door, she is at their feet begging for the spray cheese!  Reyna has a very quiet meow if you listen closely.  Since her dental, she has really blossomed and is feeling so much better.  We have seen Reyna play with toys and run around some.  She does like attention from her humans but on her terms.  Reyna is a loner and does not snuggle up to the other cats.  We are beyond thrilled that she is ok!!!

Update 2023-03-30: Reyna is doing great!  She is still sweet and sassy! Reyna eats, sleeps, loves to look out our windows and hangs in the same space as Lulu and Kissa.  She has learned to like more attention from her humans, or at least tolerates it, but it’s on her terms.  Reyna is not cuddly and is not a lap cat. 

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Jazzy came to us from SOAR Initiative. Jazzy is nearing 17 years old. We do not know a lot about Jazzy other than she is a complete love bug! She loves to sit on Stephanie’s lap while she’s trying to return emails and phone calls. She loves attention and gets along well with her cat friends.

Update 2022-06-09: What a sweetie!  Jazzy is a true gem!  She had an extensive dental on 5/26/22 and had 6 teeth extracted.  We can tell she feels so much better since her mouth is healed!  Jazzy eats dry and wet food, eats hard treats and loves the spray cheese!  Like Reyna, she is also at our feet if the closet door opens!  Jazzy does enjoy some lap time with her humans but prefers to sleep in the various cat beds around her foster space.  She is arthritic in her lower back and hips and does not enjoy being picked up.  Jazzy is talkative and can be a bit of a clown.  She does not play with toys. 

Update 2023/03/19: Today was a very hard day for us. We lost Jazzy to old age. She was 18!

Jazzy was a dinky, little cat with a bigger than life personality! She was sassy and funny making us laugh every day watching her march up and down the hall looking for her next meal. Jazzy loved everyone, humans and cats alike. She was sweet and welcoming to all new feline family members and a favorite of the team. Jazzy lived in her own universe we called “Jazzyverse”.  She loved spray cheese and throwing elbows at the buffet line.  We do not know her history but we do know she was living her best life at Serenity. Jazzy was happy and content and was adored and cherished.

Rest easy, Jazzypants. We love you and miss you. You will always be in our hearts.

Surprise Kitty

Surprise Kitty came to us from SOAR Initiative.  We are not sure of her age and we don’t know a lot about her yet.  We do know she gets along well with other cats but she is extremely shy around humans.  We also know that she does have both ears, but due to treatment for a hematoma in the past one of them is disfigured.

We are slowly gaining her trust and letting her come to us.  She “accidentally” rubbed up against Stephanie’s hand during meal -time.  That was a HUGE step for her.  We have no doubts that, with time, she will open her heart to us. 

Update 2021/12/27: Surprise Kitty has really settled into the foster home. She enjoys attention from her care givers and now allows us to pet her. She has learned from watching the other cats that she was missing out on the love and attention she deserves.

Update 2022-06-09: Surprise Kitty is an interesting cat and has a lot of feral tendencies.  She is not snuggly at all but will allow pets from her humans, if she’s in the mood.  Surprise Kitty had an extensive dental on 5/19/22 and had all of her teeth on the right side of her mouth extracted.  She will need her mouth rechecked in 6 months due to how much work was done.  Surprise Kitty eats well, though.  She likes wet and dry food and some hard treats.  She likes to “sample” food in all the bowls at breakfast.    Surprise will play with toys once in a while.  We are always shocked when it happens!  She depends on Reyna, Jazzy and Taylor for cat cues on how to behave and how to trust her humans.

Update 2023-03-30: Surprise Kitty has really blossomed here at Serenity.  She has gone from not allowing much human interaction/attention, to allowing her primary care giver to pet her, pick her up, kiss her head, etc.  Surprise sticks to herself or hangs with Reyna.  She is always friendly to new family members (cats).  Surprise Kitty has put on weight and looks amazing!

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Diamond is a 12 year old Beagle Mix. She is our first foster dog and newest member of the Serenity family.

Diamond’s original family became homeless (friends took them in) but were not able to keep her. A very nice friend of the family contacted us and helped get her to us.

Diamond is confused and sad but is as sweet as can be. She knows how to “sit” and “shake”.

We will work very hard to earn her love and trust.

Update 2021/12/27: Diamond has really come out of her shell. She has learned the routine and she trusts and loves hanging out with her care givers. Diamond is learning how to play with toys and really likes to chase squirrels and watch birds in the fenced-in back yard.

Update 2022/01/12: Diamond’s adoption is pending!

Update 2022/02/14: Happy Valentines Day! Diamond is in her forever home with her new human, Tony.


Meet Isis! How adorable is she?

Isis is Sirus’s 15 year old sister. We picked her up from IACS on 12/17/21. She was surrendered by her owner who was too ill to care for her properly. She is super sweet, has the cutest meow and loves to be held.

Isis is not feeling too good right now. She has an URI (upper respiratory infection) and is sneezing a lot, has crusty eyes and nose and is not eating much. We took her to the vet on Tuesday. She was scared but did really well and was fully cooperative. Isis is on antibiotics right now and we also have an appetite stimulant for her. We hope she gets to feeling better soon!

Isis will be available for adoption after she’s fully recovered. She is bonded with her brother, Sirus, so they will need to be adopted together.

Update 2022/02/28: Isis is now healthy and ready for adoption with her brother, Sirus!

Update 2022-06-09: Isis is a small cat and is completely adorable!  She tends to be very shy and depends on her brother, Sirus, for most everything.  Isis tends to “bully” Taylor and Gigi, so we watch them all closely.  We think it is because she’s a little scared of them.  We started her on anti-anxiety medication and that has helped.  Isis has Feline Herpes and does have flare ups, occasionally, needing medication.  We feel it is due to the stress of living with so many other cats.  She eats well (hard and wet food) and likes some hard treats.  Isis plays with a wand toy once in a while but prefers to sleep.  She is a total “lap cat”!

Update 2023-03-30: Isis is a sweet old gal, but continues to have some issues with the cats that have big, out going personalities.  We feel she is actually intimidated by them but tries to hide it by “going after” them if they growl at her or get too close to her.  Isis is adorable and is a complete sweetheart with her human caregivers.  Isis lost her brother, Sirus, about a month ago and has been really sad and a little “lost” without him.  She depended on him a lot.  We are trying to give her extra attention to help her adjust with the loss.

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Look at this handsome guy! 

Sirus is the 15 year old brother to Isis.  We picked him up from IACS on 12/17/21. As with Isis, he was surrendered by his owner who was too ill to care for him properly.   He is very vocal and all he wants is to be held and pet and loved on.  He went to the vet on Tuesday and also has an URI (upper respiratory infection).  He is sneezing quite a bit and has the crusty eyes and nose and is not eating much.  Sirus is on antibiotics and also has an appetite stimulant.  Fingers and paws crossed he kicks this thing soon!

Sirus will be available for adoption after he’s fully recovered.  He is bonded with his sister, Isis, so they will need to be adopted together.

Update 2022/02/28: Sirus is now healthy and ready for adoption with his sister, Isis!

Update 2022-06-09: Sirus is the smallest cat at Serenity and looks like Babu Frik from Star Wars.  Sirus follows us around like a puppy dog and is the first to jump on a lap for naptime.  We’ve threatened to get a papoose to carry him around in.  Ha! 

Sirus gets along with all the other cats and hangs out mostly with his sister, Isis.  Sirus has Feline Herpes and has flare ups about every 4-6 weeks.  We feel it is due to not being used to living with so many other cats even though he gets along with everyone.  He tends to get pretty sick fast so we monitor him closely.  At the first sign of a flare up, we call the vet and get him back on meds!  Poor Sirus is the only dude in a house full of old ladies.

Update 2023/02/24: For those of you that know us personally, you know that we consider each of our senior dogs and cats family members. We lost one of our family on Friday unexpectedly.

Sirus was such a sweetheart always! He loved all of his humans, all of his kitty friends and most of all, his sister Isis. Sirus was a favorite of all of our team and guests. He followed us around, loved to be picked up and carried and most of all, he couldn’t wait to sit on our laps. Sirus was the only male in the house.

We miss him!  Rest easy Sirus. We will always love you.

Lord Elrond (formerly Emma)

This poor, poor sweet, boy! 

We picked Lord Elrond up from IACS on 12/17/21.  He was abandoned on the grounds of the shelter and is approximately 12 years old. He was originally named Emma by the shelter staff and was designated as a spayed female.  We took him to the vet on Tuesday.  Kara (veterinary technician) took him to their treatment area to do blood work and brought him back into the room saying “I have a surprise for you! Emma is a boy!”  “Uhhhhh………what?” Dr. Watkins, Kara and Stephanie agreed he still needed an “E” name.  The Elves from Lord of the Rings look somewhat androgynous.  We decided he needed a strong, stately name and deserves to be revered.  Hence, Lord Elrond!

Well, in the end it doesn’t matter, as the treatment plan didn’t change.  Lord Elrond is a pretty sick kitty.  We are treating the simple symptoms first.  He may have pancreatitis, IBS, Coccidia or something more serious.  He is on medication and a prescription diet to get his intestinal tract to calm down.  The good news is he’s doing better already, so we think we are on the right track! 

Lord Elrond is not available for adoption at this time. We need to monitor him closely and may need to pursue further treatment.

On 2022/02/18, we were blessed by a wonderful surprise – Lord Elrond was adopted by his veterinarian!


Oh my goodness, what a sweet girl!

We picked 8 year old Gigi up from IACS on 12/17/21. She is from the same household as Lulu. Their owner had become too ill to take care of them and surrendered them both.

Gigi is very shy but loves attention and is slowly coming out of her shell. We took her to the vet on Wednesday. She has been sneezy, but the vet feels she will get over her URI (upper respiratory infection) on her own and will not need medications. Gigi was very cooperative for her exam, ear cleaning and vaccination. She is very overweight and will need a good diet plan in place once she’s 100%.

Gigi is very interested in getting well so she can climb on a cat tree and look outside.

Update 2022/01/12: Gigi is now available for adoption! She is now healthy and not having any more URI symptoms.

Update 2022/02/12: Gigi is a doll!  We are getting to see her true personality now that she has adapted to her foster home.  She loves to climb to the top of the cat trees and jump from one to the other.  Gigi loves to explore and roam back and forth between our cat rooms and play with catnip toys.  Gigi loves human attention!  She will reach out and try to touch us as we walk by her while she’s on the top of the cat trees.  She accepts hugs, pats and kisses. 

Update 2022-06-09: What a sweet girl she is!  Gigi seems to be shy by nature at first, but does love attention from her humans.  We have a calming collar on her to help build her confidence and to be less shy.  She will reach out and touch us for attention when we are near her.  She will sit on our laps but that is rare.  We think it might be because there are other “lap cats” that get to us first.  Gigi does accept kisses on her head, chin scratches and belly rubs!  She is very active and curious.  Her favorite toy is a multi colored mouse.  Gigi fetches when she wants to.  Gigi eats hard food and treats and does like spray cheese.  Gigi doesn’t have any health concerns that we are aware of.  Her one bad habit is to “pick on” Lulu.  They were from the same household so this confuses us.  She gets along with the other cats but is afraid of Reyna and Isis. 

UPDATE 2023-04-02: Can Gigi please have everyone’s attention? She is VERY excited to announce she has found her forever home!!!! She has officially been adopted!!

Gigi has been in her second foster home for several months (Stephanie, our Executive Director). She went in and started acclimating right away. She already knew Taylor from our main foster home and she was familiar with Oliver from there too. Gigi loves her new feline brother, Gandalf The White and tolerates/is curious about her doggie friends, Remi and Winston. She’s friendly, lovable, funny and a perfect fit.

We couldn’t be happier for her! Way to go girl!!! You deserve it!!!


Wow! Lulu has to lose weight to be healthy!

We picked Lulu up from IACS on 12/17/21. She is 7 years old and was surrendered, due to owner illness, from the same household as Gigi.

We took her to the vet on Wednesday. She was a perfect angel! Thank God for Feliway Spray! Lulu has an URI (upper respiratory infection) as she’s sneezing, has mildly crusty eyes and nose. She received an antibiotic injection because we felt she would not cooperate and take her medications at the sanctuary. Lulu is very shy and friendly but is so overweight she seems miserable if we try to pick her up. She gets angry and her personality changes. Lulu will need a good diet plan once she’s 100%. Just like us humans, her weight is extremely bad for her health. She will likely need blood work to determine if she is diabetic or has thyroid issues. We want to get her through her current illness first before pursing other potential issues.

Update 2022/01/12: Lulu is now healthy and available for adoption!

Update 2022/07/12: Lulu is a true treasure!  Her favorite things include: eating (she has her favorite spot and sits patiently waiting for her bowl to be filled), getting hugs, pats and kisses from her humans, and sleeping in her favorite recliner.  Lulu is very sweet and loves some good quality, lap time!  She will reach her paw out and touch us to signal she wants us to give her more pets if we stop too soon.

Update 2022-06-09: Lulu is a nut and has many “dog like” behaviors!  Her favorite toy is a mouse and likes to play fetch.  She will run up/down the stairs in her foster home carrying around her mouse.  Her meow sounds like a goat!  Lulu is very sweet but shy at first.  She loves hugs and kisses and belly rubs from her human.  Lulu gets along with the other “passive” cats in her foster home but can be easily scared and intimidated by the ones with stronger personalities.  She tends to hide and retreat rather than stand up for herself.  Because of this, we put her on an anti anxiety medication.  Lulu has her own area in her foster space we call the “town home”.  She does well as long as Gigi leaves her alone.  Lulu eats well (hard food) and does not have any health concerns that we are aware of.  We had a full blood work panel done on her due to her weight and it came back perfect!  Thank goodness!  We measure out her food so hopefully the next time she steps on the scale; she will be down a few pounds.

Update 2023-03-30: Lulu is a nut!  She goes up and down the stairs meowing loudly at us to get our attention.  She will play with toys, fetch and has been known to pick out her own toys from our toy box.  Lulu loves to eat and loves to bird watch out her favorite window on her favorite bed.  She typically gets along with most other cats but does get intimidated at times and then her shy side comes out.  Her medication helps her be more confident.  If she were in a home as the only cat or with a passive cat, she wouldn’t need the medication at all.  Lulu is very sweet and loves her humans!  She lets us pet her and will sit on our laps.  She will reach out and pat us and pet us right back! 
Update 2024-01-16: Our hearts are happy tonight! Lulu got her forever home today! She’s waited a long time for this. Her mom adopted Peanut from us last year, so this is perfect! Peanut and Lulu used to sit together on our laps at the sanctuary and now they get to be life long buds!!! Lulu is reportedly doing great and fitting right in. She took a nap with mom and her new doggie friends. She’s made some biscuits on her blankets. She’s not scared at all. Thank you Lori Conder for giving Lulu the perfect home and for continuing to love and spoil Peanut!!!


What a pistol! A cute, cute pistol!

We picked Mia up from IACS on 12/17/21. She is 9 years old and was surrendered due to her person being hospitalized.

We took her to the vet on Wednesday. She was a total clown and craved attention! Several staff saw her peaking through the exam room window and came in to give her attention. She ate it up! And then……the exam………the true calico cattitude came out! I would like to formally apologize to Dr. Watkins and Kara for her behavior. Yikes! Mia has sneezed and was being treated for URI at IACS but she doesn’t have the crusty eyes or nose so she seems to be getting better on her own.

All kidding aside, Mia is very sweet and truly loves attention. She is cooperative at the sanctuary and hasn’t been a problem at all. She is very smart and has already learned and adapted to our routine.

Update: 2022-01-05 This sweet lady now is available for adoption!

Update 2022-06-09: Mia has been adopted! She went to her forever home with her new human, Lori, the day after Pet Pride. Lori saw her picture and immediately fell in love.


You know we love royalty around here! First came Reyna (Queen B), then Lord Elrond, and now we’re happy to introduce you to the latest addition to the Serenity family. Meet Princess! Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) contacted us to see if we had room for her.

Princess’s original owner could no longer care for her after having housing issues. Princess went from being an indoor cat to being outdoors and was out in the cold too long resulting in frostbite in one of her ears. Unfortunately that ear had to be amputated.

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside and Indy Neighborhood Cats did a phenomenal job getting Princess the medical care she needed and paid for her vaccinations. It is an honor to link arms together with such great organizations making a huge difference in the lives of animals.

Update 2022-06-09: Oh my goodness!  Princess might just be the most affectionate cat alive!  Her favorite thing in life is to nap on her human’s lap.  She is so mild mannered and gets along with all the other cats.  Princess will stand up for herself if she has to, but mainly walks away with her feelings hurt.  Her amputated ear bleeds sometimes due to her scratching it but that is the only health issue we know of.  Princess is active and will play with a spring shaped toy by herself.  We try to play with her but she doesn’t seem to understand that concept.  At 17 years old, somehow, someway, she can scale a 6-foot folding screen!  It leaves us bewildered every time!

Update 2022-12-23: It was with very heavy hearts that we had to say goodbye to Princess. Her skin cancer had spread from her ear into her face. She had good quality of life up until the last couple days. She started getting weak (even though she was still eating and drinking) and getting wobbly. We made the decision before she started to suffer.

Princess got along with all the other cats at the sanctuary and all of the cats and dogs in her separate foster home. She would climb up our legs to get us to pick her up, put her on a shoulder and carry her around like a baby. Princess loved sitting at the dinner table with her family and was mischievous enough to climb on top of it a time or two. She loved being on our laps or lay beside us or her furry friends.

Everyone that knew Princess instantly fell in love with her. We have never known a cat like her. She was one of a kind. Words cannot express how much we miss her.



Artemis is 18-years-old and was an owner surrender to IACS Rescue due to not being able to take care of her anymore. 

Artemis had been hiding in a closet due to a dog in the home.  She had fleas when she was surrendered, was missing a lot of hair, had scabs all over her skin and was extremely skinny/bony.  IACS did a very good workup on her and determined she has early kidney disease.  Our veterinarian confirmed that diagnosis. 

Update 2022-06-09: Artemis is doing great!  She is on a prescription renal support diet and is gaining weight.  She was nervous and anxious so we put a calming collar on her.  Artemis is much more calm now.  Her true personality is starting to come out!  She is friendly, sweet, is eager for attention (allows pets and kisses on her head) and is slowly becoming less scared of the other cats.  She does hiss at some of the other cats but walks away.  We still have her separated to give her plenty of time to ease into sanctuary life.

Update 2022-07-29: It was with heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to Artemis today. She stopped eating Monday night. We think she had a couple seizures this month and possibly had a brain tumor. Artemis was at the vet most of the day yesterday for blood work and observation. Her kidney disease had not progressed so that was not the cause of her rapid decline. Thank you to Kara and Dr. Watkins at VCA Companion Animal Medical Center for the kind and compassionate care she received.
Artemis was sweet but sassy and we are beyond thankful to have given her a wonderful home for the last several months. We already miss her! It won’t be the same without her.


Meet 16 year old Isabella!!! She is the newest addition to the Serenity family. We picked her up on 6/13 from IACS Rescue. They confiscated her with 20 cats from a neglect/cruelty situation. They have done a nice job giving her fluids and medications trying to get her healthy enough for a rescue to take her.

Isabella ate within the first 10 minutes of being with us in her new home and started grooming herself. She will let us pet her but then pulls away. Isabella seems very sweet so far. We will work hard to earn her trust.

Update 2023-03-30: Isabella loves to eat and sleep and sticks to herself except for at the breakfast buffet.  Then, she throws elbows to get the food she wants!  Her favorite bed is by a window that gets lots of late morning/afternoon sun.  Isabella is friendly and sweet and likes attention but is not a lap cat.  Izzy loves her afternoon snack.  Spay cheese!!!!  And will eat it off a plastic spoon.

Update 2023-04-27: A good day turned sad when we had to rush Isabella (Izzy) to the vet this afternoon. She started coughing and was having a hard time breathing. She started open mouth breathing, in the car on the way to the vet. They got her stabilized, but upon x-ray, her lungs were filled with cancer and her abdomen filled with fluid. Izzy was also FIV+. We had no choice but to say goodbye.

Izzy came to us from IACS Rescue. They had rescued her plus 20 other cats from a terrible hoarding/neglect situation. Their team did a wonderful job getting her healthy enough for us to take her into the sanctuary. Izzy had almost been with us a year. She was happy and truly living her best life!!!

Izzy liked all her sisters and brothers (and them her) but chose to stick to herself most of the time. Except at the breakfast buffet each morning. Then it was “game on” and she threw some elbows to sample each bowl!!! Izzy always welcomed new furry family members. She loved all of her human family, loved pats, hugs and kisses, but was not a lap cat. Her favorite bed was by a window where she got a lot of heat from the afternoon sun.

Izzy was always nice and cooperative with Dr. Watkins and her team during visits. Kara was so sweet to her today, wrapping her in a blanket giving her cuddles and one last treat.

Izzy is with Artemis, Taz, Sirus and Jazzy now, in a much better place. We love you and miss you already sweet girl.


“Say hello to our little friend”. Meet Scrappy! He’s the latest member of the Serenity family. Scrappy is a 10 year old terrier mix referred to us from our friends at Furever We Love Dog Rescue. His owner can no longer care for him due to health issues. Scrappy is very cute, calm, sweet and quiet. He loves attention and follows us around. He gets along with other dogs and is very curious but cautious with our cats. Scrappy is one cool old dude! We are excited to welcome him into the family. BTW, he insisted on the selfie!

Update 2022-06-27: Scrappy went to his new foster home last night. Scrappy is truly one of the sweetest most chill, friendly dogs we’ve ever been around. He deserves his own home to be the king of the castle! He gets along with everyone including humans, dogs and cats. We are hoping his new foster mom will love him so much she will officially adopt him. Paws, fingers and toes crossed we have our first foster fail!

Update 2022-09-01: It’s official! We have our first foster fail! Scrappy has been adopted. His foster mom fell in love with him the moment she saw him. Scrappy has been thriving in her care. He loves going for walks, loves to play with toys (especially his hedgie), has put on weight, had his cardiac workup, is on his heart meds, is neutered, and is getting along well with her family’s dogs. Way to go Scrappy! We’re happy for you! Thank you Miss Cyrena for giving this old guy a wonderful home!


Meet Taz! He’s the latest kitty to join the Serenity family. We picked him up on 7/1/22 from the Columbus Animal Shelter, they were referred to us by Cats Haven. This is a great story of animal rescue groups working together to ensure the safety and care of senior cats!

Taz is 16 years old, was taken into the shelter as a stray, is super skinny and boney. Who knows how long he’s been out having to fend for himself. The shelter did a great job of getting him vaccinated, gave him meds for possible intestinal parasites (due to having diarrhea) and had him ready to go when we got there.

Their vet feels he may be in kidney failure. We have an appointment with our vet on Friday to have him checked out. Taz did great in his carrier on the long drive. He meowed for a while and then laid down and went to sleep. We fed him as soon as we got him to the sanctuary. He smashed his food! Taz is doing great so far. He’s friendly, wants love and attention, is eating several cans of wet food per day, is alert and content in his cage. We have him in our quarantine room away from the other cats until he’s cleared by our vet. He has sneezed a few times, we want to closely monitor his food and water intake and monitor his stools.
We are so happy to have Taz! We will treat him like a king for the remainder of his days!

Update 2022-07-18: It was with sadness we had to say goodbye to Taz today. He was not doing well when we arrived this morning. He could barely lift his head up, couldn’t stand up, was not meowing and his cage was a wreck. Something happened to him during the night, we just don’t know what for sure.
We had Taz for 17 days and gave him as much love as we could. Taz was safe, had a clean blanket to sleep on, had food and water. He was happy to see us every day and had started showing his true personality. Taz was sweet and charming. We are thankful that the really nice person cared enough to pick him up and take him to Columbus Animal Care & Control Center initially and thankful they contacted us so we could give him a fighting chance. We are blessed to have known him. Thank you to Dr. Wood at VCA Companion Animal Medical Center for assisting Taz to the after-life peacefully. We love you Taz. Rest easy. We will miss you

Pork Chop

Here we grow again! Meet our newest family members. Pork Chop (Beagle/Bassett mix) and Peanut (Min Pin/Cavalier King Charles mix). They came to us last Tuesday due to their owner having housing issues.

Pork Chop is 13 years young and Peanut is 3 1/2 years young. We do NOT normally take non senior dogs into the sanctuary. We agreed to this time due to housing issues that are not going to change, other extenuating circumstances and because we may have a potential adopter for Peanut already. 🙏🤞They are both very sweet, loving, affectionate girls. They are learning our schedule and adapting well. We will be having them checked out by our vet within the next couple of weeks. Peanut and Pork Chop both need vaccines and Pork Chop has numerous lumps, bumps and growths we want to have looked at.

Update 2022-09-18: Pork Chop and Peanut have been given a clean bill of health by Dr. Watkins and are ready to go to their forever homes.

Pork Chop is sweet and calm and loves attention. Her favorite things are hanging with her peeps, eating, napping and eating. She get’s along well with other dogs and cats, but really prefers to do her own thing.

Peanut is a love bug, always bouncy and happy. There’s no such thing as a stranger to Peanut. Her favorite place to be is on your lap. She loves everyone and everything; cat’s, dogs, probably even cows and lizards. She knows how to sit, shake and speak for treats. She would look good on your couch!

Update 2023-03-30: Pork Chop is doing great and the sanctuary is her home.  Her favorite things in life are to eat and sleep.  She will sit, shake and speak for any treat we may be inclined to give her.  Pork Chop does growl and grumble under her breath at the other dogs at times.  She has a very busy social calendar coming up, as she will be visiting senior citizens at multiple facilities bringing fun and joy with her.  Pork Chop is excellent on these visits.  She loves all the attention!

Update 2023-04-03: We have some BIG news!!!!

Peanut went to her forever home today!!! Within hours she was playing having a ball with her new sister, Tilly. Tilly is 3 years old and was looking for a playmate. Peanut is 4, so they are perfect for each other. They also have a brother named Max. He is 11 and is content to sit on the sidelines and watch the action from a safe distance. Peanut’s new momma, Lori, adores her already! We are so happy for Peanut!!! She is the sweetest dog and deserves her new forever home.

Email for more information on Pork Chop


Meet Sunny (white) and Bea (black)! These beautiful girls came to us Monday 08/01/2022. Their previous owner is 96 years old and through a series of falls and rehabs, can no longer care for them. Sunny is very shy and a little scared but very sweet.


She’s taking cues from Bea to see if she should trust us or not. Bea is more outgoing, friendly, very sweet and ready to explore. They are both approximately 15 years old, spayed and vaccinated. Keep checking back with us to watch their progress! 

Update 2023-03-30: Bea is doing great and is totally comfortable here!  She wanders around to all rooms and up and down the stairs.  Bea greets us at the bottom of the stairs on the landing each morning.  She has a soft meow and you will miss it if you’re not paying attention.  Bea is a little sassy and hisses at some of the other cats but there’s nothing behind it.  She eats well, loves lap time and is very sweet!

Sunny has really settled in but is a loner.  She hangs out by herself most of the time.  She does hiss and has a high pitch squeal at some of the other cats.  Being with so many other cats has really been hard for her and a huge adjustment.  She would really do best in a quiet home by herself or with her previous housemate, Bea.  Sunny is funny in that she sits behind her primary caregiver’s head on a recliner and chews on/licks her hair.  Sunny likes attention but on her own terms.  Sunny is beautiful and really tries to be sweet but she’s really shy.

Email for more information


This cute little girl is Paisley! She is almost 12 years old, has the softest hair, is very sweet, is very shy, but is still a little shell shocked. She lost her human to a skilled care nursing facility where she wasn’t allowed to go.

We have had Paisley for a week and she is doing quite well considering. She is eating well and allowing us to pet her and pick her up. Paisley is using her litter box with no accidents and is feeling comfortable enough to groom herself. We are going really slow with her. We are confident we can earn her trust. 

Update 2022-10-12: We’ve received word that Paisley’s dad passed away. We are very thankful his family reached out to us and that we were able to provide Paisley sanctuary. We are all sorry for their loss.

Update 2023-03-30: Paisley continues to be really shy.  She is sweet and loves human attention but sticks to herself.  Paisley has not been a lap cat here and we are unsure if she was one in her previous home.  She has her favorite bed.  The other cats know it and leave her alone.  She does not “buddy up” to any of the other cats and tends to leave them alone.  She will hiss at them if they bother her.  Paisley is a light eater, she loves to drink out of a water fountain and loves hard cat treats!  She is adorable with her freckles on her nose!

Email for more information


This gorgeous girl is Kissa! She came to us for sanctuary on 11/1. Her human mom can no longer care for her, due to being in a long term care facility. Kissa and her feline mom waited for almost a year for their human mom to come home. Then Kissa’s feline mom passed away, leaving her all alone. The family did everything they could to check on Kissa multiple times per week, but it was getting to be too much. They all have multiple pets themselves and could not keep her, but love Kissa enough to make sure she was vaccinated and combo tested before bringing her to us.

Update 2022/11/08: Kissa is doing great! She is very sweet and friendly. She rubs on our legs, loves to be pet and allows us to pick her up. We are slowly introducing her to the other cats. Adjusting to living with so many will take time. So far Bea, Izzy, Lulu and Gigi have tried to make her feel welcome!! We have a feeling she’ll do just fine.

Update 2023-03-30: Kissa is a huge sweetie!  She loves lap time.  She is gorgeous and her hair is soft.  Kissa loves to eat (is on prescription urinary food).  She likes to hang out with Reyna and Lulu and gets along with them really well.  Kissa is very talkative and is not a typical Calico.  She is truly an amazing girl!

Email for more information


Meet Oliver!! He’s our new family member. Oliver is an 11 year old Goldendoodle. He found himself in need of sanctuary when his mom passed away unexpectedly.

We have been told Oliver was her “baby” and she provided him with exceptional care. Oliver is shy and sad right now, but is very sweet, calm, quiet and well trained.

Oliver is used to being by himself with his mom so being at the sanctuary/foster space with 2 other dogs and 12 cats is a big adjustment.

We are fairly confident we have a separate foster home lined up for him after the first of the year, which will be more his speed.

Update 2023-04-06: Oliver is doing great!  We had him at the sanctuary for a while and had a few people interested in him but they didn’t work out.  Stephanie took him to her house and he is living his second best life!  Stephanie and Will love him so much!!!  He LOVES playing with their golden-doodle puppy, Winston.  They wrestle and tussle, play tug of war with toys, chase each other around the back yard, etc.  He loves being outside and doesn’t ever want to come in.  Oliver loves their Beagle (Remi) too, but he and Winston are so much bigger than her, it’s hard for her to play with them.  Oliver is very curious about their cats but has no idea what to do with them.  He barks at them and chases them and cannot stand it when they simply ignore him.  He lets out a high pitch squeal/bark in protest!  He is going to start his career with visiting senior communities in a few weeks.  We think he will be perfect for such a thing!!  Can you feel another foster fail in the future????

Update 2023-09-11: Oliver is at his forever home now. For details click here! Oliver Twist is not an Orphan!

Update 2023-10-24: We are saddened and heartbroken to learn that Oliver passed away last Saturday morning unexpectedly. His liver and kidneys failed with little to no warning. This caused him to have a high fever, fluid around his heart and fluid in his abdomen. Thank you to Dr. Amundson and Hannah at VCA Companion Animal Medical Center for your kindness and compassion.

Oliver was a sweet, gentle, friendly old guy. We took him to visit seniors at PrimeLife Enrichment, Inc., Sunrise On Old Meridian and Wellbrooke of Carmel. He was always happy to do all of his tricks for treats. As soon as we put his harness on him, he knew it was time to go to “work”.

He loved his new life with Will Baer and Stephanie Baer. They often said he was living his second best life. Oliver loved his brother Winston (Labradoodle). Stephanie called them the “Doodle Twins”. They loved to run around the backyard, wrestle, drag sticks and rocks around. Oliver’s latest passion in life was to dig around one of the well heads. He would come inside with mud stuck to his nose, all over his face and up to his elbows!!!

Oliver would have been 12 on 11/4, he was one of a kind and is already greatly missed.
Oliver, we will always remember you and love you!


Ruby in the sky of diamonds!!!!

Meet our precious, sad, sweet, shy, scared girl, Ruby. She is a 15 year old Redtick Coonhound. She came to us on 2023/02/15 after her owner lost her 5 year battle with cancer and Ruby found herself in need of sanctuary. A family friend did a wonderful job facilitating getting Ruby to us. We are very grateful to her. Thank you!

Ruby is doing her best to learn her new schedule and make friends with the other dogs at the sanctuary. She’s getting a little braver and stronger every day.

Update 2023/02/28: We lost another family member today very unexpectedly. Ruby hadn’t been with us long, but we fell in love with her the first moment she came to us. Ruby was shy and timid but a sweet, sweet soul. We will miss her beautiful brown eyes and soft muzzle. Rip Ruby. We are thankful you are in heaven with your momma.


Remy with a “Y”!

Meet Remy! She is a 15 year old Jack Russell/Pitbull mix. Remy came to us on 2023/02/07 due to her previous owner having health issues and other unforeseen life changing circumstances.

Remy is very sweet but sad. She has been extremely well taken care of. We are going very slow with her and letting her ease into sanctuary life at her own pace. Peanut and Pork Chop really want to be friends, but Remy isn’t ready yet. We are confident Remy will be ok with time.

Update 2023-03-30: Remy is very sweet to her humans.  She is a little grouchy with the other dogs at times but mostly ignores them.  Remy loves to lie on the day bed in the living room, look out the window and bark at absolutely nothing!  Remy loves to eat and then roll happily around on the blankets on the floor.  She loves to sit for treats and will perform her trick before she is even offered a treat, just in case.  Remy seems to be very curious about the cats but we have not allowed her to be around them.  We do not think she would intentionally hurt them.  Remy’s safe space is her crate that she came with.  She loves to sleep in it, goes right in with no problem and is only in it when we aren’t at the sanctuary.   

Email for more information

Ralphie Jr.

Meet our sweet 12 year old angels, Ralphie Jr. and Blackie (all black)! These beautiful siblings came to us on 2023/03/03 due to their owner very sadly being in hospice care. Their owner’s nurse, Katie, cared enough about her patient and his beloved cats, to facilitate getting them to us.


Katie, along with a neighbor, continued to feed and take care of Ralphie and Blackie until we could provide them sanctuary. AND, they donated the funds we needed to get them exams and vaccines!! What a wonderful act of human kindness. Ralphie is doing well but Blackie is a little more shy and hiding some still. They both like attention and are in great shape. It’s obvious how much their dad loved them.

Update 2023-03-30:

Ralphie, Jr. is one awesome dude!  He has adjusted well very quickly.  Ralphie eats well, runs around between rooms, climbs and sleeps on the cat trees and is getting along with all the other cats.  We think he really likes his “only male” status.  Ha!  He is very sweet to his humans, likes attention, rubs on our legs and will sit on our laps.  He does tend to stay in the same room with his sister, Blackie, most of the time.  They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Blackie is having a hard time adjusting to being with so many other cats.  She is very, very sweet but very, very shy.  Blackie spends most of her time hiding behind chairs in the rooms.  She will sometimes come out during meal times when her main caregiver is in the room with her.  She loves hard treats but often eats them in her hiding places behind the chairs.  We are going really slowly with her trying to build her confidence.  Blackie has long, silky, shiny, beautiful hair and is absolutely gorgeous!  She will briefly sit on her main caregiver’s lap and has sat on a cat tree.  Blackie likes to be in the same room as her brother, Ralphie, Jr.  They are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Email for more information


Chloe is a 12 year old, Dachshund/Beagle Mix.

Her human dad had to go into an assisted living facility and is no longer able to care for her. The family reached out to us to take her in and provide her a safe place to live out her golden years. Chloe is a little timid right now but we think she will be just fine. She has a lot to take in with her new Serenity family, a new schedule and she’s trying to get to know her new stepsiblings (Pork Chop and Remy).

We will do everything we can to help her acclimate as soon as possible. Her previous veterinarian noted that she has a stage 3-heart murmur and stage 3-dental/periodontal disease.

Update 2024-01-10: Sweet Chloe went to her own foster home on Monday! She gets to be the queen of her own castle. Nancy’s granddaughter contacted us about Chloe. They came and met her and immediately fell in love. Nancy lives in a senior apartment complex. We are happy our Seniors Helping Seniors program works! Chloe deserves to be the only pet getting all the attention. A big thank you to Nancy for giving Chloe a chance. We love you, Chloe!!!

Update 2024-02-20: We are so sad we lost Chloe on Sunday morning. Her foster mom called us to let us know Chloe was having a hard time breathing, her belly was huge and she couldn’t lie down. We got to her as fast as we could and rushed her to IndyVet. Chloe was in congestive heart failure and there was nothing we could do. She also had a large mass in her stomach. Dr. Williams and his team were kind and compassionate and eased Chloe’s suffering.

Chloe was such a sweetheart! She was gentle, quiet and loved people. She and her foster mom became attached at the hip very quickly. We are so thankful to Nancy for giving Chloe her own home for a few months. Chloe had 24/7 love and attention. Chloe got along with Pork Chop, Remy, Bella, Max, Lilo and Stitch when she was living at the sanctuary. She also did an excellent job when we took her to PrimeLife Enrichment, Inc. for a presentation.

We all loved Chloe very much. She was a special, old lady. We miss her!


Meet Napoleon! He is Dynamite!!!! 

We picked him up on 6/27 from our new friends at Johnson County Animal Shelter – Indiana.

He is 18 years old and was surrendered to the shelter due to financial difficulties. Napoleon is very sweet, vocal (loud and proud) when he wants to eat. He likes attention and has already let us brush him and wipe his heinie.

We know our old ladies will love him. Our only concern is for Ralphie Jr. to like him and for them to get along. Welcome to the Serenity family!

Update 2023-08-26: Saturday was a sad day. We had to say goodbye to Napoleon. He was such a sweet, cool, funny old guy. Napoleon was 18 and our vet thinks he might have had cancer. He was doing great until he wasn’t. We wish we would have had more time with him, but are so grateful he was part of our family. We love you Napoleon! Rest easy.


Monty is a complete cuddle bug!!!

We picked him up from our friends at IACS on 7/12.

He’s still getting used to sanctuary life and being with so many other siblings. He’s pretty shy with them so far. The good news is we took him to the vet last week and his mouth is not nearly as bad as we were expecting!!!! Yay!!!!

We did pre dental blood work on him and he does possibly have early stage kidney disease. He is 16 so that’s not a huge surprise. Monty is in good health otherwise!!!

Update 8/11/23: Monty has a new drinking buddy, Gandalf the White!

Monty is being fostered by one of our team and is doing well! He loves his foster cat friends, Gandalf the White, Gigi and Taylor. He isn’t super sure about the family’s dogs. Monty does love it when his foster mom has “office time”. He is immediately on her lap!!! Monty is a super sweet, affectionate old guy. He does need a dental and is on the schedule in October.

We are very happy he’s doing well!!

Update 2023-12-25: Monty has very exciting news!! He got the best Christmas present ever!!! His foster parents have decided they cannot live without him and have officially adopted him!!!! We knew Monty was going to steal their hearts the moment he went to their home.

Monty loves his cat sisters, Gigi and Taylor, but loves his brother, Gandalf the White, the most. Monty also likes his doggie siblings, Winston and Remi but he’s not too sure about his foster brother, Mars.

Thank you to his forever parents, Will Baer and Stephanie Baer, for loving Monty enough to make him a permanent part of their family!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Pumpkin Spice

Meet Pumpkin Spice!!!!
Pumpkin is 15 years young and came to us from our friends at the Animal Shelter of Wabash County. We picked her up on 7/18.

This poor old girl was at the shelter for 4 months! Their team members told us the public would just walk by her cage and never look at her because of her age. That is heartbreaking!!

Pumpkin is shy but sweet and is taking time to warm up to us. She is not afraid of the other cats (prefers to stick to herself) or the dogs. Pumpkin likes to invite herself downstairs with the dogs by jumping/climbing our safety gates. Pumpkin is spayed and up to date on vaccines.

Email for more information


Look at this cute old guy! We picked up 10 year old Pancake from our friends at Johnson County Indiana Animal Shelter on 8/2. They originally got him back in October as a stray.

Pancake was re-homed in November and was recently returned due to his health. He has hyperthyroidism and we’ve started him back on meds.

Pancake follows us around everywhere, doesn’t mind the other cats and is a real sweetheart!

Update 2023-10-12: This has turned out to be a terrible week for us. We had to say goodbye to Pancake yesterday. Pancake was Hyperthyroid and we were trying our best to get him regulated. He became sick a couple weeks ago. We took him to the vet, he got treatment and he put his rally cap on. He was doing better until yesterday morning. There was nothing more that could be done for him. Thank you to the entire team at VCA Companion Animal Medical Center for taking such great care of him the last 4 months! When we call, they know something is wrong, and they say “come right now” without hesitation. We cannot even express our gratitude enough for this.

Pancake was so sweet, kind, mild mannered and funny. He was a favorite of our human family and our feline family. The grouchy, old, kitty ladies would hiss and swat at him, but he never retaliated or even blinked an eye. Bill loved him and followed him around everywhere he went. Pancake was learning to be a lap cat. He loved cheese of any and all varieties and loved to stand on his hind legs and reach up and beg for it!!!! We think he looked like the Loth-cats on Ahsoka.

We are so thankful Johnson County Animal Shelter contacted us back in August about him and even more thankful we said “yes” and went and got him.

Pancake was one of a kind. We miss him so much. To Pancake: All of us, humans and felines, love you and are grateful we knew you and that you were part of our family. Rest now.

Bill (formerly Old Yellow)

Old Yellow BILL is our newest family member! We picked him up from a shelter on 2023-08-14. He was on death row due to his age, some medical issues and simply because of the shelter bursting at the seams with animals. We knew we had to go get him and give him a fighting chance. He had over $300 in pledges that we have received. Thank you to all those who pledged to save his life and get him somewhere safe. This is why pledges are so important. It made it possible for us to add him to our family.

Old Yellow BILL had a bad URI. The shelter did an excellent job successfully treating that. They also got him neutered. The vet that did the neuter said it looks like he may have stomatitis and will need a full mouth extraction. We already know that will be at least $1000.The money already pledged will get him an exam and pre anesthesia bloodwork. We need donations! Old Yellow BILL also needs a new name!!! We all know what happened to Old Yeller. Let’s have fun with this. Whoever donates the most will get to choose his name!

Update 2023-09-11: Old Yellow BILL very humbly thanks everyone who donated a total of $451 towards getting his dental work done! We will get it done as soon as we can raise the remainder of what we need.

Drum  roll please………..and his new name is…..”Bill”! We promised we would name him the suggested name of whoever had the largest donation. We have Oliver, Ralphie Jr., Monty, Pancake and now Bill!!!

Update 2023-12-18: Our sweet Bill had his dental a few weeks ago at VCA Companion Animal Medical Center! His mouth was WAY worse than we were hoping it would be. Dr. Watkins and Kara (surgery technician) both said his mouth and throat were so red and inflamed that they had a hard time intubating him. He had 4 lower teeth extracted in hopes that would reduce the swelling and redness. We had his re-check appointment last Tuesday and his surgical sites have healed but he still has a lot of redness and swelling in his mouth and throat. The only way to totally fix this is for him to have a full mouth extraction. That means another $2000. When a pet’s mouth is as bad as his, it is not good to pull all of the teeth at one time. That is too much trauma to the mouth. It is best to do it in a staged process.

Bill is a young “senior” and has a lot of life still to live!! He is sweet, friendly, loves all of our team as well as all of our other senior cats. He deserves to be totally pain free. Dr. Watkins did as much as she could with the funds we had from his first fundraiser and what was safe for him to do.

Update 2024-01-15: Our sweet Bill had his second dental done last Thursday and had the remainder of his teeth extracted (10). His face has been swollen, he’s having a hard time getting the hang of eating with no teeth and he still has a lot of drool. We know once his mouth heals, he will be better than before. It’s hard seeing him like this, though. Can you imagine how bad your mouth would hurt having that many teeth pulled? Thank you to every single one of you that donated towards his 2 FB fundraisers and for the private donation we received. We couldn’t have gotten his dentals done otherwise.


Meet our sweet Bella! We’ve had her since 12/3 and waited to share her until she had her spa day and makeover with Catlynn Cunningham at Sleepy Hollow Pet Ranch! Isn’t she cute? We love the adorable Santa bow!!!

Bella is a 12 year old Havanese who is spayed and up to date on vaccines. Her previous owner passed away and her daughter reached out to us to find a safe place for Bella.

Bella is quiet, a little shy and is very sweet. She’s getting along well with the other 3 dogs in her foster home. Her foster mom is working hard on getting her to eat dry food, trying to get her to lose a little weight and is getting her crate trained. Bella does have some potty accidents in the house because she had been left for long periods of time in her prior home due to no one being there to let her out. We are confident she will get the hang of her new schedule.
Welcome to our family!!!!

Update 2024-01-04: Bella had her initial vist to the vet yesterday.  Dr. Watkins and Kelsey both said she was an “angel”!  Bella is in need of a good dental cleaning with multiple extractions.  Her breath and teeth are bad! Bella had blood work done because she urinates a lot frequently and has a “pot belly”.  Dr. Watkins suspects Cushing’s Disease which is very expensive to test for and to treat throughout a pet’s life.  We need to have additional testing done to confirm this diagnosis.

Email for more information


Say “hi” to Max! Does anyone else think he looks like an Ewok? Max came to us on 2023-10-17. Max is a Shih Tzu and soon to be 11 years old. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, very sweet, well behaved and mild mannered. Max is currently living with his foster mom and her 2 Beagles, Lilo and Stitch. He is doing exceptionally well!!

We’ve waited to post about him out of respect for his original mom and family. Max was boarded for 3-4 months because his mom was in the hospital. The hope was she would get well and go home and be reunited with Max. When her health took a turn for the worse, she made the decision to get Max to us. Max was able to visit her several times in Hospice Care. She loved him very much and took exceptional care of him. We promised her we will do the same! We are currently getting to know Max and will let you know when he’s available for adoption.

Welcome to our Serenity family!!

Update 2024-01-13: This has been a wonderful week for us!!! We found out today that Max is officially adopted! Leah knew Max from taking care of him at the boarding facility where she works. Max had been there for several months because his previous owner was in the hospital. Leah and their entire team loved and adored him. Leah and her mom, Juli, knew they had to have him. So we did a 2 night trial run at their home. Max went right in and made friends with their 2 dogs and made himself comfortable. We couldn’t be happier!!! He is the absolute sweetest dude. He’s been through so much the last 6 months. Thank you Leah and Juli for loving Max and giving him his forever home. And thank you to his foster mom, Sarah Hein, for taking such great care of him until we could make this transition. Love you Max!!!! Congrats!!!


We are so happy we can help this sweet guy out! Why did we pull a puppy?

– Because we have experience with neurological issues with the senior population we serve.
– Because while he may be 10-11 months old on paper, his brain is far beyond that with his issues.
– Because his prognosis is not good and we have a safe foster home for him to live out what time he has left with love and safety and security.

Mars came to us on 2023-11-10. He is such a nice dog , he has no idea he’s sick and thank god he’s not in any pain. We took him to our vet and she feels he has a cerebellar disease. With Mars’s pledge money, we are trying different medications to help make his symptoms better if possible. Mars is happy and truly always has a smile on his face! Welcome to the Serenity family!

Update 2023-12-23: It was with great sadness we had to say goodbye to Mars last night. His neurological issues were causing him to have frequent bouts of aggression and unpredictable behaviors. His foster parents did everything they could to remove as many barriers in his home as possible to keep him and his foster siblings safe.

We are so thankful we were able to get him out of the shelter and into a home with humans that loved and adored him. Mars was happy even right after his bouts of aggression. He had absolutely no idea he was sick and not normal. Mars, you were a great puppy!!! You didn’t deserve to have such a short life and have so many issues that couldn’t be fixed. We hope you are running around, up above, having a blast, with all of our family that have gone before you. You are loved! You will be missed. Rest easy


Meet Rennie, AKA Renegade! He’s the latest addition to our family! Rennie came to us on 2024-02-02 because his previous dad had serious housing issues and couldn’t take him to his new place. Rennie is a sweet, quiet, mild manned, 15 year old Beagle.

We took him to the vet for an exam, vaccines, blood work, heartworm test and to check his urine. We are still waiting on some of the results, but overall he looks good! He has been learning our routine all week and is catching on. Rennie, Pork Chop and Remy are getting along well. He’s been around cats previously and goes up to the gate to say “hi” to his new kitty brothers and sisters.

Thank you again to Scott Swan and everyone who donated through the WTHR-TV Sendthelove campaign. Because of your generosity, we were able to say “yes” to Rennie and take him to the vet! Another senior dog safe!


Meet Smoochie! She is 13 years old and is visually impaired.  We picked her up a couple weeks ago (2024-02-23) from our good friends at Johnson County Animal Shelter. She was surrendered because her previous family said she was having seizures.

Poor Smoochie’s eyes are so red and have so much discharge. We took her to the vet today and are trying some meds first to see if her eyes clear up. We are not sure what is causing her vision loss at this point. We are hoping the meds work!!! The vet also told us what to look for if she is having seizures.

Smoochie is so sweet!!! She is friendly with our other cats. She is very cautious when she’s moving around but is starting to explore more. She’s eating and drinking great and making herself right at home!!


Meet Frisky! She is a 13 year old Jack Russell Mix who came to us on 2024-03-30 all the way from Louisville, Kentucky. Her senior momma passed away and her granddaughter reached out to us.

Frisky has had a rough couple of weeks. She is visually impaired but seemed to be doing good the first couple days we had her. But then she stopped eating, started vomiting and was very lethargic. We took her to our vet, Dr. Watkins. Frisky started walking in circles in the exam room and kept putting herself in corners and up against the walls. It appeared she had some sort of vestibular event. She also had ulcers on both eyes, double ear infections and a couple days later, HGE (bloody diarrhea). We have been treating her with meds for all of her conditions. She is getting better! Ulcers are healed except there’s scar tissue from a previous injury. Her stool is normal and she’s gone from not eating to being fed with a syringe to eating on her own like a champ! We honestly thought we were going lose her, but she put her rally cap on and is doing great! Thank goodness. We feel most of her issues were brought on by trauma and stress.

Thank you to Dr. Watkins at VCA Companion Animal Medical Center for taking such great care of her!


Meet King! Isn’t he handsome? We have had him about a week – he arrived on 2024-04-02. He is a 10 year old neutered male and up to date on vaccines.

King’s momma passed away unexpectedly. Her daughter in law reached out to us and got him to us. King is very shy and sweet. He’s more scared of us than the other cats, but he’s getting a little more comfortable each day. Poor guy is shell shocked. We do know for sure he likes hard treats!

Welcome to the family. We promise to take good care of him!


This handsome boy is Behr!  Behr came to us on 2024-04-03.  He is 16 years old and found himself in need of sanctuary.  His previous owner was admitted to the hospital and it was determined she will be moving to a long-term care facility.

Behr has been extremely well taken care of.  He is up to date on vaccines and is neutered.  He has been very sweet so far.  We will get him acclimated with all his new brothers and sisters.  Fingers crossed they aren’t too much for him!!!  Stay tuned!!


Meet Midnight! She’s 14 years old, spayed and UTD on vaccines. Midnight joined our sanctuary family on 2024-05-27 because her previous family’s home life is changing. Grandparents will be welcoming home a premature grand baby soon (born 4 months early weighing 1 lb, 8oz). The hospital and doctors recommended no pets in the home for the baby’s safety.

Midnight’s family was very proactive in finding the right place for her to go. They were very sad in having to rehome her. They love her very much and have checked on her several times to make sure she’s ok. Midnight is doing well adjusting to the senior kitty assisted living.

Welcome sweet girl!