Oliver Twist is not an Orphan!

It’s official!!!! Oliver is now a Baer!!! Stephanie Baer and Will Baer knew the moment they brought Oliver into their home to foster him, that he was there to stay!

Oliver LOVES their labradoodle, Winston. They chase each other inside and outside, they play with toys together, run the fence line with the neighbors dogs (Ringo and Zeke) together, dig holes together, play with sticks together, eat bugs together, get muddy together, etc. Oliver also likes their beagle, Remi, and has no idea what to do with their cats (Taylor, Gigi and foster-Monty). He barks at them and chases them, which they do not appreciate. He’s not mean to them. It’s just obvious he’s never been around cats.

Stephanie calls her doodles the “Doodle Twins” after the old cartoon “The Wonder Twins”. Oliver will still be going to senior communities for visits because he is sweet and gentle and a good ambassador for Serenity!!!

Congrats Oliver on your forever home!!!! We couldn’t be happier for you!!!