Our Team

Stephanie Baer
Executive Director, Founder

Stephanie has had a life long passion to start her own animal sanctuary.

Stephanie’s bachelor’s degree is in Criminal Justice. She worked as a juvenile probation officer for four years along with 2/3 of the Board of Directors. She has also worked in juvenile detention centers and a treatment center for youth. Stephanie has worked in the veterinary field the last 9 years for a practice as the Finance, HR and Operations Directors.

Nothing is more important to her than her family, friends and personal pets. She has a house full of senior pets including her cats, Gandalf The White (13), Dot (13), Pippin F. Took (16), Nurgle J. Moose (16), and her dogs Jett (Great Dane-10 ½) and Remi (Beagle-11).

Stephanie’s personal passions have always included animals, troubled youth and senior citizens. She very passionately believes, the underlying common denominator between those three groups, is they often times need someone to advocate for them. And now, she has the awesome opportunity to bring them all together to hopefully make a difference in their lives.

Heather Harris
Director, President

Heather’s educational background consists of a degree in Criminal Justice from Indiana University and over twenty years in the social service field; helping youth through not only the criminal justice system, but also the child welfare system.  

Heather has a passion for those in need whether it be two legged or four.  Growing up, Heather always had pets, from rabbits, fish, cats, and dogs and has seen them all get older and need a loving, caring home through the end of life.  

Heather currently has an eleven-year-old 60-pound pumpkin colored (also her nickname) dog, MayBelle.  She looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but is just a mutt.  MayBelle is Heather’s “bionic dog” as she has two new knees and a reconstructed front leg.  She is still full of life and energy. 

Heather also has a cat, calico in color, named Nettles.  She is very ornery and does not like to be bothered much by anyone other than Heather.  That being said, she also runs the house and can often be found chasing MayBelle down the hallway.

Holly Crume
Director, Treasurer

Holly is honored to have the privilege to be a part of Serenity-Senior Living Pet Sanctuary and partnership with her closest friend, and our founder, Stephanie.

Holly has always loved animals as she has had several cats over the years and now she and her husband love their dogs. Oscar is a husky mix, Wrigley is a lab mix, Meeko is a pom/chow mix and Ori is a french bulldog. Ok, so Oscar, Wrigley and Ori are Holly’s daughters’ dogs but she wouldn’t take a family picture without them!

Holly has been in nursing for the past 30 years, and loves caring for people as well as her animals. In nursing she cares for humans until the day they pass, which is what our sanctuary allows our animals to do as our mission states; “Live out their days humanely”. She truly believes that every animal deserves this. 

In nursing there are so many different fields one can come in contact with. For the past 20 years, Holly has had the pleasure of working in addiction and behavioral medicine. Holly is looking forward to starting our Seniors Helping Youth program. It is very important that our youth have positive influences in their lives, as this is what this program aims to do.

Sara Hein
Director, Secretary

Sarah has over 30 years experience teaching and working in the social/human services field.  Her current position is working for a nonprofit, providing services to special needs adults. 

Sarah brings many different experiences to the table, along with a love of animals.  There has almost always been a dog(s) in her life.  Cats have come back into Sarah’s life through her nephews and her sister’s “adoption” of her aunt’s cat. 

Sarah believes “all animals deserve love.  However, the best part of being a part of Serenity is that I get to help a friend achieve her lifelong dream of having an animal sanctuary/rescue!” 

Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Government from Western Kentucky University.  Sarah also completed coursework at IUPUI, so that she could obtain her Teacher Certification. 

Sarah has had as many as three dogs, at one time.  However, she only has one at this time, her darling, diva, Dachshund, Gracie.  She was her dad’s dog, before his passing and is a living connection to him.  Sarah often says, “She is truly my diva!”

Char Willsey
Marketing, Sr Services Programming

Char Willsey joins Serenity Senior Living Pet Sanctuary to bring attention to senior living communities and the benefits of senior citizens connecting with pets.  Senior citizens and senior pets have common needs.

Char discovered her passion for senior citizens almost two decades ago when she became the Admissions Coordinator for an Assisted Living community in Indianapolis.  She was a member of the ALF Westside Indianapolis Assisted Living Group, 40 West Business Networking Group, an attendee of annual Health Care Conferences, including Alzheimer’s Conferences.  She has continued to work over the years in senior citizen communities and participated in continuing education programs offered by her employers.

Char knows first-hand the benefits of a furry companion.  She comments that the “joy” of her life is her Shih Tzu, Cooper. Char and Cooper have not left each other’s side since he was eight weeks old.  Cooper is a registered “Comfort Dog” and went to work with Char at her recent employment in an Assisted Living greeting residents, guests, and staff.

Brittany Coe
RVT, Fear Free Certified

Brittany and Stephanie have worked together in several veterinary hospitals. Brittany received her veterinary technician degree in 2012 from Harrison College. She also received her Registered Veterinary Technician license (RVT) in 2012 and has been practicing ever since. Brittany has experience in general practice and emergency. She has experience as a lead technician and hospital manager but prefers being an RVT, on the front lines, providing exemplary care to her patients. Brittany is Fear Free Certified and she has recently been accepted into the Karen Pryor Academy to receive certifications in behavior training.

Brittany has always had dogs, specifically cattle dogs and spaniels. Brittany is very passionate about showing dogs and has received many top honors with her dogs in competitions.

Will Baer
Designer, Online Experience

Will Baer loves animals, typing code and hiding in his office when he can’t be outside far away from the city.  He can’t remember what life was like before Covid and was under-socialized when he locked himself inside 18 months ago anyway.  He like arts and crafts and isn’t a Buddhist, but thinks he’d probably be happier if he was.  He is also fond of Indian food.

He has much more than 25 years of experience in a variety of IT disciplines and more than twice that with dogs and cats (and iguanas, and racoons, and groundhogs, and snakes and…).  Basically an animal loving mega-nerd.

He handles the website, makes the pictures, does the IT stuff and handles the handyman chores.

Sometimes he sleeps too.

Emmy Moffett

Emmy is currently in school set to graduate this May with a masters in social work. She currently works in a children’s residential treatment facility and has a passion for working with children and families. In the future she hopes to either remain working in residential treatment or work as a school-based therapist for teenagers.

Emmy has grown up in a house full of pets all her life. Currently back at home she has three basset hounds named Margie, Ruby and Matilda (Tilly). She also has a cat named Harley who is the most spoiled girl in the world. Becoming a volunteer at Serenity has had such a positive impact on Emmy’s life. She looks forward to coming every Saturday morning to see the babies.

Michelle Atkinson

Michelle has always wanted to start a rescue, so she figured the next best thing was to volunteer at one started by her past co-worker Stephanie!

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in English literature and writing, but she followed her passion into the pet care industry beginning in 2010, and she currently manages inventory for a group of general practice animal clinics.

Michelle has two cats at home, a black and gray tabby cat named Rucifee and an orange tabby cat named Mayor McCheese. Her other passion in life is music, and she has seen around 100 live shows in her lifetime!  Her favorite band is 311 because of their philosophy and their message “stay positive and love your life.” She is grateful for this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of senior pets, and hopes to be a positive addition to the Serenity team.

Tori Faulkner & Cory Queisser

Tori has a passion for helping animals, especially senior dogs and cats. It was a no brainer for her to start volunteering at the sanctuary. Oftentimes, Cory, her boyfriend, volunteers with her. They have two dogs at home, Josie, a Newfoundland, and Breeze, a Cattle dog mix. They both love getting to know all the animals and spending quality time with them while they volunteer.

In addition to helping animals, Tori also has a passion for working with older adults in the community. Tori is a Registered Occupational Therapist who works at a variety of assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities in the area. She also recently started her own small business, Safe Home Strategies, aimed to create functional, accessible spaces using low cost solutions to promote safety independence in the home.