Princess in the House!

You know we love royalty around here! First came Reyna (Queen B), then Lord Elrond, and now we’re happy to introduce you to the latest addition to the Serenity family. Meet Princess! Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) contacted us to see if we had room for her.

Princess’s original owner could no longer care for her after having housing issues. Princess went from being an indoor cat to being outdoors and was out in the cold too long resulting in frostbite in one of her ears. Unfortunately that ear had to be amputated.

Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside and Indy Neighborhood Cats did a phenomenal job getting Princess the medical care she needed and paid for her vaccinations. It is an honor to link arms together with such great organizations making a huge difference in the lives of animals.

We feel blessed to have Princess at Serenity. She’s so sweet and is a true gem!