Giving Tuesday

For Giving Tuesday we are asking for $2000 in donations for Jazzy and Surprise Kitty to receive some desperately needed dental work.  They both have foul mouth odor, tartar build up, bleeding gum lines and both may need some extractions. 

Why is dental work important for a senior cat?  Dental disease is a gradual but painful degenerative condition. Living with chronic pain is very stressful and will significantly impact your cat’s well being.  A cat will stop eating if their mouth constantly hurts.  Dental disease can also increase the risk of heart, liver and kidney disease.

Why is dental work so expensive for your senior pet?  Pets have to be fully anesthetized for a dental procedure.  They cannot sit in a chair, like us humans, and let the doctor and technician do their work.  It is extremely important for senior pets to have blood work performed before their dental procedure to ensure their liver and kidneys can handle the anesthesia.  Senior pets need to have IV fluids during the entire procedure, and for a while afterwards, to help their liver and kidneys process the anesthesia and medicines used, faster and safer.  The pet’s temperature and vitals are monitored through the entire procedure.  The veterinarian and technician perform full mouth x-rays, use a dental scaler to remove tartar build up and extract teeth if necessary.  Teeth extractions sometimes require stitches where the tooth was removed. 

Please text “GIVE” to 1-844-511-5792 or Donate Online.

The girls thank you!