This gorgeous girl is Kissa!

Kissa came to us for sanctuary on 11/1. Her human mom can no longer care for her, due to being in a long term care facility. Kissa and her feline mom waited for almost a year for their human mom to come home. Then Kissa’s feline mom passed away, leaving her all alone. The family did everything they could to check on Kissa multiple times per week, but it was getting to be too much. They all have multiple pets themselves and could not keep her, but love Kissa enough to make sure she was vaccinated and combo tested before bringing her to us.

Update 2022/11/08: Kissa is doing great! She is very sweet and friendly. She rubs on our legs, loves to be pet and allows us to pick her up. We are slowly introducing her to the other cats. Adjusting to living with so many will take time. So far Bea, Izzy, Lulu and Gigi have tried to make her feel welcome!! We have a feeling she’ll do just fine.