Pork Chop and Peanut

Here we grow again! Meet our newest family members. Pork Chop (Beagle/Bassett mix) and Peanut (Min Pin/Cavalier King Charles mix). They came to us last Tuesday due to their owner having housing issues.

Pork Chop is 13 years young and Peanut is 3 1/2 years young. We do NOT normally take non senior dogs into the sanctuary. We agreed to this time due to housing issues that are not going to change, other mitigating circumstances and because we may have a potential adopter for Peanut already. They are both very sweet, loving, affectionate girls. They are learning our schedule and adapting well. We will be having them checked out by our vet within the next couple of weeks. Peanut and Pork Chop both need vaccines and Pork Chop has numerous lumps, bumps and growths we want to have looked at.

Help us welcome these two beauties!!!