Isis & Sirus

These magnificent Burmese kitties are available for adoption!

Sirus and Isis are 15 years old. Can you believe it? They look like kittens. They were originally surrendered to our friends at IACS Rescue due to their owner being hospitalized and no longer being able to care for them.

We have worked with Sirus and Isis for several months with medications and fluids to get them healthy. They tend to be a little sneezy/snotty, but being on a low maintenance dose of Prednisone helps with that. They are easy to medicate.

They are both adorable, very sweet and love to be held and cuddled like babies. Sirus gets along with all our other cats and follows us around like a puppy! Isis is more sensitive and unsure of herself and tends to pick fights with a few of the other cats. We do not believe that is her true nature and she’s just uneasy in a sanctuary/foster environment. We are convinced they were the only 2 cats in their previous home AND were lap cats. They are bonded and MUST be adopted together.

Please PM us or email: with your interest.

Our adoption fee is $75 per kitty.